Anderson Asia Training and Learning Institute Inc.

Anderson Asia Training and Learning Institute, Inc. is a provider of high quality vocational skills training and development. Founded in October, 2017, it is becoming one of the fastest-growing and preferred training provider in Philippines, helping its trainees develop competence and confidence in their skills and knowledge, and enabling them to use these skills and knowledge to meet with their professional and personal goals locally or abroad to establish their career.
安德胜技能培训与鉴定中心是菲律宾政府認证持有特许经营证的高质量职业技能培训和鉴定机构。成立于2017 年 10 月,在极短的时间内迅速发展成为菲律宾增长极快和多个劳务派遣国首选的培训机构之一。安德胜积极帮助学员发展技能与对其想学习的行业技能与知识的培训,使他们能够使用这些技能和知识,以满足他们个人想在国内或国外的工作展望并达到他们的理想与专业目标。

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